I won’t post every item like last time but it has alot of the same guts as a previous build of mine. Some of the parts came from RedXArms.com. The more I do business with Neil, the more I like his website. The products are proving to be of outstanding quality. My only complaint is I dont like waiting for things to come in the mail. Cant have everything I guess.


Free floated M4 profile barrel with a Troy Claymore muzzle brake

Free floated M4 profile barrel with a Troy Claymore muzzle brake

FailZero BCG, Magpul furniture, and ATI 15" Free Float Forend

FailZero BCG, Magpul furniture, and ATI 15" Free Float Forend

Magpul ACS stock, MOE grip and MBUS backup sights.

Magpul ACS stock, MOE grip and MBUS backup sights.

ATI Forend & FS8 nosecone. Next to the Claymore, its very badass..

ATI Forend & FS8 nosecone. Next to the Claymore, its very badass..

All in all it shoots like a dream ( 460 rounds and NO MALFUNCTIONS). Also I am really loving the FailZero bolt carrier group and trigger. I have yet to lubricate it and its still kickin.

Also I feel that I should tell you guys that I am employed for an online retailer of gun accessories and that I am in no way being compensated for this blog. I do this because I want to share with you guys the things that I think are worth sharing in the firearms industry. ( As an employee, I do get a pretty good discount on parts though :D)

With that in mind if you are interested in any of the parts you’ve seen in my posts you can probably find them at:




Also, if you call in and ask a gun related question, chances are I’m answering it. Did I tell you I love my job? Because I do. ūüėČ


So for the last six months or so I have been assembling an AR-15 from parts. What it would end up looking like existed only in my imagination.¬†Until last Friday that is…

With the new ATI free-floating hanguard installed, the only thing left is the bolt carrier group. I’m at a crossraods between a chrome-plated or nitrided BCG.

Believe me you will be seeing much more of “Tisha” in the future.

Here is the first part of repairing and customizing an old beat up Marlin/Glenfield 60 I bought from a guy on NodakOutdoors.

Here are the pics from when I got it:

It doesnt look too bad from the pictures that were posted in the ad…

This gun has seen better days. 

But once I got it in my hands, it looked terrible. The finish was chipped, scratched, and rusting. There was a large hole where the front sight screw used to be. and the stock was cracked. not to mention the 25+ years of carbon that had built up inside the receiver. Not being one to pass up on an opportunity for experience I paid the man and took it home.

Once I got it open I also found out that it was missing one of the trigger guard screws and the feedthroat was broken. Whew!

After doing a quick cleaning,¬†I ordered the parts I needed. In the mean time I filled the front sight hole with a ground down screw and cold blued it for the time being. I also started this blog. When the parts arrived, I made this video…

The fitting that I didn’t put into the video was mostly changing the angle of the top of the new part to match the existing cutout of the bolt. ¬†And as I mentioned, removing some of the lifter. I also had to remove some of the lifter spring because it had some slack that was in the way of the new feedthroat. The next step for this gun is going to be refinishing the metal.¬†¬†My dipping tank is empty right now but I just ordered some parkerizing solution…

…to be continued…

MSRP = $4800.00 but they are raffling them off at $25.00 a ticket.

You can’t see it in the picture bu the receiver is engraved with a beautiful South Dakota pheasant scene. The maker tells me that while it is functional, you wouldn’t want to shoot it as the plating covers everything. Inside and out. Any shot fired would blow out all of the gold from inside the barrel.

Custom engraved lever guns.

February 6, 2011

They dont make them like they used to.

This immaculate collection is owned by a man out of Mitchell, SD. They won Best in show at the 2009 Aberdeen gun show in the Long Rifle class. Each one is hand crafted  and 100% unique.

The picture says it all.

The dowel in the triggerguard is actually a dehydrated seal penis.

A closer view of the winning gun's reciever engraving.

THis is the 2011 Collectible long gun winner owned by a man from Park Rapids, MN. Aside from the immaculate bison engraving on this Winchesters receiver, also pay attention to the dowel holding it up. The owner of this gun informed me that it is actually a dehydrated seal penis otherwise known as an oo-sick. Kinda creepy, but original.