A call from a friend…

March 8, 2011

So I just get back from a gunshow in Las Vegas and I get a call from a friend of mine who lives in Minneapolis. He told me that he was remodeling his basement in is new house and while tearing out the old ceiling he found a “45 revolver”.

I start to get kind of excited. Whats better than a free gun with a new house.

He tells me that it looks like its loaded but he can’t figure out how to open the¬†cylinder. I tell him about the usual places and try and walk him through it but still nothing.

Now I’m very intrigued so I ask what markings are on it so I can look it up. ¬†He gives me:

“HAHN 45 BB”


Nothing I had ever heard of before so I start with a quick google search and viola!

Crossman HAHN \”45\” BB

Turns out its a CO2 BB pistol.

Pretty realistic looking BB gun if you ask me. Not quite the treasure we had hoped for though.

Still, a free BB gun beats a kick in the pants I guess.